Our morning began at a leisurely pace, with breakfast not set until 9:00 am. A steady rain most of the night, but most of us slept very well. At 10:00 am we arranged for three boats to take us on a tour of the southern shoreline of Lake Naivasha, poking into the papyrus beds and exploring snakes protruding from the water – evidence of lower water levels in previous times. We saw many hippos and myriad bird species (well over 20), some of which are shown below.

After an amazing lunch (as always), we went to the camp restaurant, and over the course of the afternoon, we individually discussed possible topics for our course essays, which must focus on a contentious issue in wildlife conservation pertinent to East Africa,

After dinner we enjoyed a slide show of our adventures of the last few weeks, a bit of a bittersweet experience as we all realise that the trip is coming to an end, that we have learned much about Kenya, its people, culture, and biodiversity, and that we will depart for Canada and our respective busy lives tomorrow. Many of us repaired to the restaurant for a celebration of the course. Dr. Lougheed disappeared to his room to work.